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A home life simplifier

Our hobs have gotten faster and faster over the years. First, we launched the gas stove in 1916. This was quicker than chopping trees and meant you could make a cup of tea at the push of a button. Fast forward to 2000 and we launched our induction hob. Faster, safer and more energy-efficient, it made a long wait for boiling water a thing of the past. Making baking easier has always been the name of the game for Zanussi. In 1916, Antonio Zanussi himself, created our first steel oven to give you a better result than an open fire. Nowadays a Zanussi oven can turn your kitchen into a bakery. Our Direct Steam oven gives you the perfect crust by adding a touch of steam, and when you're done it even cleans itself at the touch of a button. Easy. Years ago, to keep your food fresh you needed a cellar or a few large blocks of ice to hand. It wasn't until the 1950s that the electric fridge made storing food convenient. Now we have TwinTech, the crème de la crème of fresh food storage. With a separate air stream for the fridge and freezer, your food stays fresh and tasty for longer. Doing laundry has massively changed in the last 100 years. Back then it was almost a full time job. Wet, scrub, wet, scrub, wring, hang wait, done. But today, the LINDO300 can handle an entire football team’s kit in one go. That’s 10kg of clothing washed with the push of a button. That means less time doing laundry and more time having fun. Easy. 100 years ago, doing the laundry was anything but easy. It could even take you all day. Washing, hanging, waiting, collecting - and that's if the sun was shining. Today, you can go from dirty to wardrobe-ready in as little as 60 minutes. Our washer dryer will clean and dry your clothes in one machine, on one cycle. That's your laundry done. Now for some fun. Easy.

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