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  • 7kg drum capacity - great for medium-sized households
  • Special programme helps you save water and energy
  • Super quiet model - great for open plan living
  • Steam setting kills bacteria and reduces creasing
  • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W59.5 x D46


21% Off £289.00
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  • Dimensions - (H)850 MM x (W)595 MM x (D)522 MM
  • ANTI ALLERGY|Anti Allergy cycle is studied for people with sensitive skins or people suffering from allergies- it is designed to remove major allergens such as pollen, mites and cat or dog hair, thanks to a high-temperature technology and extra rinses. The cycle is tested and certified by Allergy UK.
  • ANTI STAIN|The Anti Stain is a specific cycle studied to remove even the most difficult stains, without pre-treating. This is achieved thanks to elevated electronic control and the optimized synergy between the special movements of the drum and the different washing phases.
  • DIGITAL MOTION TECHNOLOGY|The Inverter technology ensures perfect control of the brushless motor, delivering up to 10 different drum rotations, studied specifically to treat and eliminate stains of all kinds without damaging the clothes.
  • FULL LOAD 45'|The Full Load 45' is a dedicated wash programme that allows you to wash a full load of laundry in just 45 minutes, without compromising on the washing performance.
  • INVERTER MOTOR|This Hotpoint Washing machine's Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting performance and to improve end results.


13% Off £299.00
1 years Warranty

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  • Smart Touch NFC Enabled
  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • 8KG Capacity
  • 1400RPM


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  • 8kg Capacity
  • 1400RPM Max. Spin Speed
  • BLDC Inverter System
  • Rapid 15



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  • Dimensions - (H)850 MM x (W)600 MM x (D)520 MM
  • Spin Speed of 1400rpm
  • Capacity Size of 8kg
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology
  • Digital Display
  • NFC Connectivity


12% Off

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  • Dimensions - (H)850 MM x (W)600 MM x (D)560 MM
  • Multiple Quick Washes
  • KG Mode
  • Stain Level
  • Variable Spin/Temp


12% Off £329.00
12% Off

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  • Capacity (kg) - 10
  • Spin (rpm) - 1400


12% Off £329.00
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  • Dimensions - (H)850 MM x (W)600 MM x (D)530 MM
  • KG Mode
  • Hygiene Program
  • Rapid Wash Programs
  • Start Delay
  • Steam Function



In Stock

  • Dimensions - (H)850 MM x (W)595 MM x (D)540 MM
  • RAPID CYCLES|When you're in a hurry to get the mountain of laundry complete, Indesit's new washing machine offers 8 Rapid Cycles to choose from tailored to your load. There's three Full Load Fast cycles, as well as five additional Rapid programmes for smaller loads, all complete in less than an hour.
  • PUSH&GO|Push&Go technology is designed to effectively remove more than 20 common types of stains, without pre-treating, in just 45 minutes, at the push of a button.* *1 push is needed after initially switching on the appliance
  • WATER BALANCE PLUS|By adapting the amount of water used according to the cycle’s need, there’s minimal wastage which helps save money on your bills.
  • AUTO CLEAN|The Auto-Clean programme lets you clean the machine's internal parts so you can wash your laundry in a clean and hygienical environment, as well as improving the machine’s life. The programme will eliminate all residues like food, dirt, that could cause bad odours


1 years Warranty

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